This Free Personal Injury Attorney Advertising Service Causes You to Cut Your Advertising Costs by Thirty to Seventy Percent While You  Dramatically Increase Your Practice Without Lifting a Finger

This Personal Injury Attorney Advertising Service is to help you improve your “Return On Investment”, your ROI… on your advertising dollar.

Are You Spending Too Much On Advertising?

This is for you if you want to continue to build your business and you’re willing to advertise and market to do it, and you realize that the amount you are spending may not be giving you the highest return possible.

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See How to Save Advertising Dollars

Normally, Advertising and Marketing for Personal Injury Lawyers is Expensive

As an injury lawyer, you don’t mind spending a dollar if you make three or more in return. The question is…

Do you know what your “Return On Investment” Is?

Personal Injury Attorney AdvertisingHere’s the problem, with personal injury law firm marketing, you can end up spending a lot but you don’t know exactly what marketing is really giving you the best return. So, you guess. You throw a little bit here and a little bit there.

You may advertise in Yellow Pages, Billboards, you may pay for radio spots and you definitely understand the power of the Internet for advertising in your profession. When somebody has been in an accident and they need a Personal Injury Attorney, they go searching for one. If you are serious about building a rock solid practice that is always growing, you are forced to pay for advertising in the search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. And yes, it’s costly.

However, it does pay off. Or at least, it can if you know what you’re doing. But, how can you know? You are a busy attorney and law firm marketing is not your expertise.

Maybe you’ve tried hiring an advertising or online marketing firm, but you don’t know that business,  so you end up just trusting that what they’re doing is really giving you “the best bang for the buck”.

Overall, you are getting new business, but every time you see your Profits and Loss Statement, you can’t help but wonder if you are really being taken care of properly.

The Only Way to Know For An Injury Lawyer to Know for Sure

Attorney AdvertisingIt’s time to come out of the dark. The only way you as an accident attorney can possibly know which advertising is working the best is to track it.

But how?

The answer is so simple once you read it here, you may find yourself irritated that nobody in the advertising industry has offered to do it for you before now.

Actually, in the past, even we have been guilty of marketing for our clients without always tracking precisely what was working best and that carelessness ended up hurting our advertising firm. So, we decided to change our model and now, we don’t do anything unless it can be tracked and analyzed to know precisely it’s true value.

Thirty to Seventy Percent Of Your Advertising Dollar is Being Wasted

The studies are consistent with what we have found, when we track each advertising piece, from newspaper ads to Pay-Per-Click advertising on Google, some just end up working much better. Sometimes it isn’t the medium used that is the problem, often it’s just bad sales copywriting or one little change that can dramatically change the results. But it all starts with tracking each piece.

Personal Injury Attorney AdvertisingWhen we first started implementing this strategy for our clients it was tedious and complicated. Now, we use especially designed software to do all the heavy lifting for us. For the most part, you, as our client, go to one place to check everything.

Now, you can see…

  • how many clicks any ad you’re paying big money for brings you,
  • how many leads any marketing device causes for you, and
  • which are the winners and losers at a glance.

And in many cases, with a click of a mouse you can turn off the losers and increase the winners immediately to be in control of your best possible return on investment in advertising. We make it easy for you.

This especially designed software we are currently using is as easy as it gets. No one else, that we know of, offers this service for Personal Injury Attorneys to help them manage their advertising ROI.

How We Got Our Start

We did not start as a Personal Injury Attorney Advertising Firm. Our company began as a Search Engine Optimization Company for Realtors and Real Estate Companies. In those days, we did so well at increasing business for real estate agents that we couldn’t resist the temptation to try our hand in other industries.

Later, it was Pest Control Companies that relied on us, and sometimes, only us, to provide them with all the business they could handle.

Attorney AdvertisingWe knew our stuff and we could get any business on the top of the first page of all the major search engines including Google.

Then almost overnight, our world fell apart because most of the business we were causing to come to our client was coming in through Google organic, or natural search results only, and Google realized that marketing firms like ours was cutting into their profit because our clients were paying a fraction in comparison to what it costs to pay them directly for advertising on their search engines.

So, Google began to implement anti-Search-Engine-Optimization “updates” that made it more and more difficult to consistently guarantee our customers a steady flow of inexpensive traffic. We were forced to become better at what we did and that included tracking what worked best and what was, in comparison, a waste of money.

So now, we focus on two things, tracking what works best for you so you can do more of it and less of what doesn’t, and secondly, creating additional, often better forms of online traffic for you at a fraction of the cost that you are now paying the search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, AOL, and Google for pay-per-click advertising.

You Free Personal Injury Attorney Advertising Service, How It Works and How to Get Started Quickly

The first thing to be aware of is that we know you don’t have time to focus on the details and technical aspects of your marketing. You just want it done, and done right. And the sooner the better.

Attorney MarketingSo we do it all for you if you would like us to. We set up each tracking device needed. You don’t have to do a thing but let us know what advertising you are presently using. If you are not completely comfortable with us initially accessing any of your pieces of advertising directly, we can simply tell those in charge of the advertising piece what simple step to take so that we can have it tracked for you.

It really is that easy.

We do it for you for one month and if you don’t see where you can improve your ROI thirty to seventy percent immediately, then we don’t have to continue a second month if you don’t want to. There is no obligation. Either it works for you and you love it, or you don’t. If in the off chance that you don’t, we simply part ways. Of course, you’re advertising and marketing systems are held completely confidential. You may request that all records on your account are permanently deleted. Your competitors will never know from us anything about your marketing systems, trade secrets, or advertising strategies. Confidentiality is a sacred thing to us.

Additionally, while we do this service for you, you have the exclusive for your area. We do not believe in helping your competitor while we are in a fiduciary agreement with you. In our opinion, that would be a conflict of interest. So the first Personal Injury or Accident Lawyer in your city to try us gets first shot for exclusive service for your market place.

How much does it cost you?

Zero dollars.

You read that right. We don’t charge you a penny for this particular service.

We set it up, we give you access to your personal account to peek in to see what’s happening any time of the day you want, and we do all the work.

Personal Injury Attorney AdvertisingWhat’s in it for us?

We get the opportunity to build your trust as a competent lawyer marketing agency and start what we hope will turn out to be a long and prosperous business relationship for both of us.

Just to be a bit cliché, it truly is a “win-win” proposition. You get an accurate assessment of the effectiveness of your advertising dollar and we get the opportunity to prove to you our value. After you are convinced of our competency perhaps then we can begin to show you how to take the exact amount of money you were already spending and increase it’s effectiveness by the other online advertising methods you may not even know about, or if you do, how to get started using them easily and affordably.

Only then do we start to get paid; when you start using some of the other online advertising devices we specialize in, and even then, you only pay for the results you get. You never pay for promises. You get results first, then you pay for them. And you pay for them at a very good ROI rate. That is what makes it work for both of us.

Do It Now!

So, what do you do next?

We talk. You either pick up the phone and dial my number, or you send an email through the contact form. The first injury lawyer to contact me, get’s first shot at this, so be quick to act!

We want to make sure we are a good fit from the beginning. If you are already to lawyer marketing online, we probably are. In any case, after we both agree to work together, we simply then attach the tracking tools to your already in place advertising and give you the username and password of your account so you can see what is taking place.

Every phone number, every form, every visit to your site will be reported to you. You will have an eagle’s eye view of where your money is going down the drain and conversely, precisely where you want to do more of what is working well at the moment so that you can fully leverage your advertising dollar.

After one month, we’ll talk again and you can decide if you want to continue, still free of charge of course. We’ll never charge you a penny to track all your advertising for you. Not as long you have us on the job.

Contact us today, and we will have any other questions answered.

personalinjuryattorneyadvertisingThis all may be difficult to believe; someone is actually willing to help you free of charge. Even as I type out the words, I understand that it may sound too good to be true, but it is the best way we know how to demonstrate our value to you at no risk to you and very little expense for us. After all, isn’t that how most personal injury attorneys get paid? For results. We offer to do the same for you.

Let’s face it. You spend a lot of money advertising. It is well worth it to us to help you get the most out of it, to make it easy so that in the future we are your first choice for additional tools that help you dominate in your market place, assuming that is your goal. If it is, don’t let a rival Personal Injury Attorney use our free Advertising tracking service before you have the chance. Call us now.

Let’s talk today!

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